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Sob'r-K and Sob'r-K Logo is a trademark of LifeStyle Marketing Inc.


Disclaimer -- The information and procedures contained on this site are based upon research and are not intended as a substitute for consulting with your physician or other health care provider. We are not responsible for any adverse effects or consequences resulting from the use of any of any suggestions, preparations, or procedures discussed in this site. All matters pertaining to your physical health should be supervised by a health care professional.

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Activated carbon is harmless and is indefinitely potent as long as it is kept in a closed container. The maximum dose of activated carbon is 120 grams.


Sobr-K HangoverStopper How It Works. Sobr-K works much like a filter, filtering out the impurities (congeners) from beer, wine or spirits before getting absorbed into consumer's body. It's the congeners that cause a hangover not the alcohol. It is also the congeners that give the liquor the distinct flavor that people enjoy.


Sobr-K HOS fills the millions of small villa in the stomach and small intestine, as the alcohol is being passed though the consumer's system, the Impurities/congeners are collected in the pores of the activated carbon. As the consumer sleeps, the body than passes the collected congeners through it.


By removing the congeners, the person is removing the substances that cause hangovers.


Spirits such as vodkas have fewer congeners and generally produce less of a hangover when consumed in equivalent amount. Typical hangover symptoms include headache, halitosis (bad breath), thirst, gastric irritation, fatigue and dizziness


Sobr-K is packaged in a six pill; reseal able foil package and 60 ct. bottles. Each pill contains 350 mg of activated carbon. The consumer (for best results) should take two pills prior to drinking, two pills during and two pills after. For more than five drinks the consumer should take two pills for each additional two drinks.


Summary Because of modern science our product Sobr-K is scientifically engineered and tested to relieve hangovers. Though an amount of ethanol is collected in the activated carbon and Sobr-K may reduce the blood alcohol level up to 40% we do NOT market Sobr-K for this purpose.


We only market Sobr-K as a remedy to hangovers. We believe if a person drinks they should not drive. We forbid any association with using any of our products as a sobering agent.


Sobr-K is NOT a drug. We market Sobr-K as a natural food supplement and we make no claims except for what is stated in our patent.


Sobr-K is marketed under The 1996 Natural Food Act. 11.


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