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I had pain in my left cheek when the guy zapped my cheek. It really smarted. He asked if the pain was gone. I said I thought the zapping was more painful then my pain. I motioned to my daughter to leave. We looked around the fair a little more, got some food, sat down to eat, & that's when I stopped, looked at my daughter & said "I don't have any more pain". I thought this is just a fluke. The pain didn't come back that evening or through the night. I usually have to take a pain pill so I can sleep. It was only back a little the next morning. I told my husband I have to go back to the fair. I have to get that zapper. I did, he zapped my again & the pain didn't come back for 3 days. I've zapped many people at work. None were to thrilled about what I paid for it, a magnetic necklaces, some crystal shaking tin & some glass rocks, in fact they all laughed at me, they are not laughing now.  - Thank you, Linda Sien


"My wife tried this product and was impressed with it. We would like to order one for her." - Alex H. -- Juneau AK


I bought one (16 volt) about 3 weeks ago and have had great results (arthritis in hands.) I have used it on many people with good results also. Thank You. - Linda C.


"By introducing an electrical pulse directly to the painful area, nerves are stimulated to restore energy and enhance the healing process. This stimulation also causes the body to produce its own morphine-like bio-chemicals that alleviate pain"  - Mark Hallett, MD & Leonardo Cohen, MD, Journal of American Medicine


"Electrical stimulation is used as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation for relief of pain"  - July 28, 1989, Journal of American Medicine


"Electricity will become as common in medicine practice as drugs and surgery are."  - Readers Digest October, 1982


"One of my friends is a doctor who has had chronic pain for years and is finally getting some relief with this." - Leanne H.


"I just received the Magic Trigger and might I say it is completely wonderful. Thank you for this wonderful product." -- B McGee

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