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The Magic Trigger With Case

Homeopathic Electronic Meridian Point Massager 

(Made in the USA)


Webster defines " Meridian" as: The highest point reached by a heavenly body point of power, prosperity; the middle period of one's life, regarded as the highest of health, vigor, etc.,Ahshi Points are tender spots or sensitive spots present in certain diseases. They have neither definite locations nor names. Neijing describes them: "Where there is a painful spot, there is an acupuncture point." __ Pg. 87, Essentials of Chinese Acupuncture.   


 Electropuncture is a small electrical current used to stimulate point. It is based on the modern belief that points are in fact area of low electrical resistance. By stimulating the points with a small electrical current the balance and health of the organ can be restored. -- Pg. 18, Alternative Health Care ( Reed International Book)












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