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Tips to Avoid a Hangover


1. Avoid eating greasy foods

2. Order a glass of water with your drink

3. Avoid eating salty foods

4. Avoid sugar, caffeinated beverages and energy drinks

5. Avoid large amounts of red wines

6. Do not take anything with acetaminophen

7. If you decide to try a Hangover Remedy a full list is available on Hangoverreview.com


1. Eating greasy foods will block a body's natural ability to break down the congeners that are in alcohol. It is the congeners that cause the typical hangover.


2. By ordering a glass of water (which is free) with your drink this will stop the revolving door of dehydration cause by the alcohol and slow down the alcohol intake.


3. There is a reason why bars give free salty peanuts and popcorn; to sell more alcohol. Besides the dehydration effects salt will raise the body's PH levels causing symptoms that mirror a hangover.


4. Sugar and caffeinated beverages are both stimulants. Mix with alcohol these stimulants will keep you from getting a good night sleep. This lack of sleep will amplify the hangover.


5. The reason a glass of red wine is good for you are the congeners that are found in red wines. These congeners are very large and complex. These same congeners that have a positive effect on most people in a glass or two can cause the worst of the hangovers if consumed in a large amount.


6. Acetaminophen found in most non-aspirins can be harmful to your liver if taken while drinking alcohol.


7. There are so many remedies for hangovers. A full list can be found on www.Hangovereview.com


How many drinks a person can drink safely depends on their sex and weight.  A complete chart can be found at: www.hangoveru.com/hangoveru/




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